Video: What Is Data Science?

A video explaining what data science is is being made. It features members of the data science community here at Berkeley.

Team Members

Team Lead | Satoe Yokoyama
Applied Math - 2018
"I am interested in so many different fields like arts, music, math, and psychology. And data science can connect the things I love. That's why I love data science."

Video Editor | Eleanor Fleming
Computer Science - 2019
"I like data science because data's universality very unique. It impacts discovery in radically different fields and allows people to find answers to their own questions."

Marketing Strategist | Smita Balaji
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research - 2019
"I find studying data science to be important because of its interdisciplinary and applicable nature. Any major, and any industry can utilize fundamentals tools to understand any sort of data set."

Webmaster | Karen Tu
Computer Science - 2020
"I like data science because I think it's cool that it is applicable across so many different subjects."

Social Media Marketing | Bharvee Patel