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Team Members

Team Lead | Aspen Hsu
Mathematics - 2019
Hello! I became interested in Data Science after taking Data8 it’s pilot semester! What I find most special about our Data Science program is it’s ability to connect people of all domains across our campus. I was a Connector Associate during Fall of 2016, and I am honored to be the head of the Connector Associate Team this semester!

Team Lead | Gunjan Baid
Computer Science and Molecular and Cell Biology - 2016
She loves working with the diverse community of students and faculty that is part of the Data Science Education Program at Berkeley. She works with connector course instructors to build tools to simplify their workflow and provides infrastructure support for the JupyterHub deployment used by connector courses.

COGSCI 88 C.A. | Janani Vivrekar
Mathematics and Computer Science - 2020
She is passionate about accessible data and education as well as applications of computer science to fascinating topics about the mind. She believes that developing new ways to incorporate data analysis in various classrooms is a valuable and important effort.

History 88 C.A. | Andrew Linxie
Statistics and Computer Science - 2019
He got drawn to the program because he wanted to see how what he had learned in his CS/Stats/Data classes can translate to traditionally non-technical fields. He also really likes DSEP and wants to help students get the most out of their Data Science experience through History 88!

History 100S C.A. | Leon Liang
Engineering Mathematics and Statistics - 2016
He really enjoys applying math and statistics to computer science to do all kinds of cool things. He has worked on projects that involved supernova classification, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and computer vision. He joined this program to introduce more people into the data science community!

MCB88 C.A. | Rishab Srivastava
Computer Science and Statistics - 2020
A fun fact about Rishab is that he likes dropping song lyrics in the middle of his conversations. He's working in the Berkeley Institute for Data Science because Data Scientist has been dubbed as the "Sexiest Job of the 21st Century", but please don't quote him on that.

Stats 89A T.A. | Jiayi Huang
Statistics and Economics - 2019
He is also a UGSI for Data C8. He strongly encourages you to be a part of our wonderful Data Science Connectors Program and learn the techniques you need to make a difference in the world with the power of data!

ESPM 88A T.A. | Sriya Srinath
Economics and City and Regional Planning - 2018
She is a Teaching Assistant for DS Connector course, Exploring Geospatial Data. Sriya is interested in different applications of data science in geographic data visualizations and understanding economic patterns.

ESPM 88A C.A. | Michaela Palmer
Geography - 2017
She has a background in Computer Science as well as GIS. She finds that the Data Science mindset is very important and can be applied across many fields, so she is very excited to be working with the Data Science program this semester.

History 100 C.A. | Kaiqian Zhu
Computer Science and Economics - 2019
He signed up for this program because he wants to learn more about data science's application on different areas.

Stat 88 C.A. | Daniel Ricciardelli
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science - 2017
As an undergraduate researcher, he has focused on cost-effective applications of Machine Learning and Statistical Learning Theory in computer vision and natural language processing.

Geography 88 C.A. | Brandon Gribble
Statistics and Economics - 2019
He is very passionate about advancing integrated data science education. He is super excited to make a difference and be on the team.

LEGALST 88 C.A. | Bryannie Bach
Economics - 2018
When Data Science 8 was initially offered, she unexpectedly took the course and from then on she enjoyed every aspect of it. This semester she will be assisting the Crime and Punishment: Taking the Measure of the US Justice System course!

Stat 89 C.A. | Michael McPhillips
Applied Mathematics - 2017
He loves teaching Data Science to eager young minds. Over Winter break, he used deep-learning to predict horse race results.