Team Lead

Alexander Ivanoff
Cognitive Science and Statistics - 2018
I am currently a Junior studying Cognitive Science and Statistics with a focus on Data Science. I started working with DSEP last spring on the Outreach team, and since then have created and led the curriculum team to develop resources and lessons for people all over campus who are interested in Data Science.

Immigration and Detention

Julian Kudszus
Computer Science - 2018
I am passionate about contributing to education – whether through teaching, creating materials, or developing educational platforms! Through my work with the Curriculum team, I combine this passion with the exciting and growing field of Data Science.

Mansi Shah
Computer Science & Education - 2019
I believe data science is a super important and powerful field, and am excited to be on this team so I can help students across gain exposure to it!

Eilam Levitov
EECS - 2018
I never thought of myself as a data science person, until I saw the sheer power of data. Teaching is a passion of mine, and being a part of the curriculum team in BIDS allows me to teach, learn, and research the tools I values most.

Text and Web Analysis for Social Sciences

In Adam Anderson’s class (NES 190, Intro to Digital Humanities), this team assisted students in analyzing their various data sets regarding ancient and modern European and Asian civilizations. They utilised tools such as Jupyter Notebooks, Bokeh visualizations, Gephi network modeling and ArcGIS geospatial mapping to pull meaningful conclusions from the data!

Aditya Sheth
Physics & Computer Science - 2020
I joined the Berkeley Institute of Data Science Curriculum Team because I love the power and elegance of data; being part of the Curriculum team allows me to aid educators in spreading the true beauty and capabilities of data science!

Ronald Walker
Economics - 2018
I first got involved with the BIDS team working as a connector assistant. I joined the modules team because I want to help others explore the possibilities of working with data.

Internment through Data

Andrew Linxie
Statistics and Computer Science - 2019
I got drawn to the program because I wanted to see how what I had learned in his CS/Stats/Data classes can translate to traditionally non-technical fields.

Melanie Yu
Business & Computer Science - 2020
I joined the Curriculum Team because of my adamant passion for technology and data science. I'm ecstatic to develop DSEP, expanding data application in more classes and integrating my contributions into curricula for future students!

Francis Kumar
Computer Science - 2020
I joined DSEP because it seems like a revolutionary program that teaches not just data science but also its diverse applications.

Nga Pui Leung
Statistics & Public Policy - 2018
I joined the modules team because I am intrigued by how data science can solve real-life problems in many industries so I hope to help other students realize this in other disciplines through developing curriculum!


Crime & Punishment: Taking the Measure of the US Justice System course examines the operation of the US justice system with a focus on the organizational structure of the system and the data that the system produces. Students explore contemporary issues in criminal justice, while learning the basics of quantitative data analysis through iPython Notebooks!

Module Lead | Bryannie Bach
Accounting & Economics - 2018
As this is my second semester helping develop the data science academic curriculum, I'm beyond excited in serving as a Module Lead because I'll now be able to express my passion on a more holistic level with not only students, but also with the faculty!

Donald Franks
Cognitive Science - 2018
After my first exposure to Data Science here at Cal, I wanted to give back and help contribute to the program that I'm sure will make great strides in expanding Data into nearly every major, just one step at a time.

Lucy Lei
Computer Science & Economics - 2019
I love creating aesthetically pleasing things, having fun with friends, and learning new things. I am part of the modules team and is facilitating the Criminal Psychology class.

Angelica Rojas
Cognitive Science - 2017
The Curriculum Module interested me because of the interdisciplinary aspect of dealing with qualitative issues and finding quantitative solutions. Not only does the combination contribute to deepening the learning experience, but it is also reinforces the constructivist paradigm that allows for new knowledge construction.

Gender and Women's Studies

Intro to Data Science is a module focused on giving students of all backgrounds and interests a chance to learn the basics of data science. From presenting to a Gender and Women’s Studies class to creating universal iPython Notebooks about the fundamentals of data science, this team has worked to build a module that is accessible to – and tailored for – everyone.

Shriya Vohra
EECS - 2020
As a part of the Data Science Education Program at BIDS, I combine my love for programming with my passion for education – hoping to make a difference in the emerging field of Data Science at Cal and beyond!

Scott Lee
Computer Science & Statistics - 2020
I decided to join the curriculum team because I'm super passionate about spreading data science to students of all majors, and I love teaching and education.

Pancham Yadav
Computer Science & Cognitive Science - 2020
I'm really passionate about data science and the mystical cloud of endless possibilities that surrounds the field. After taking Data 8, I was determined to become a part of the data science education revolution taking place right here at Berkeley, with it’s pioneering program. In the long term, I want to take back these skills and help underprivileged kids in rural India learn about the power of data and enable them to build products for social good.



The modules team is available to work with faculty to use the tools and design the module to fit the course objectives. Data science modules are as diverse as the myriad disciplines taught across Berkeley.