Join a vibrant data science community and participate in social events, talks, and more.


The program offers mentorship from graduate students and post-docs to guide scholars.


The program offers exclusive workshops in Python, statistics, probability, and machine learning as well as specialized office hours and group tutoring sessions.

Team Members

Team Lead | George Khalilieh
Cognitive Science - 2017
He likes that Data Science combines intuition and creativity with computational methods to uncover amazing insights.
Fun fact: He’s a lefty, but only for writing. He plays guitar right-handed and catches/throws with his right hand.

Mentorship and Advising | Ryan Roggenkemper
Intended Cognitive Science & Computer Science - 2020
He likes that data science combines the interesting approaches to problems seen in computer science and statistics and allows them to be used for real-world applications.
Fun fact: He has never been to Taco Bell, which he only realized after his roommate got takeout from Taco Bell.

Data Scholars & Infrastructure Support | Mariah Rogers
Computer Science - 2017
She like that data science allows you to expose patterns in data that you might not otherwise have seen, which you can then use for powerful change in the world. It is also the future of how we approach technical innovation!
Fun fact: At one point she owned four dogs, two cats, a goat, a sheep, and a rabbit!

Lead of Research | Joanne Chen
Intended Public Health & Statistics - 2019
Having had solid foundations in mathematical and statistical methods, Joanne aspires to apply quantitative skillsets to benefit areas of public health in need of hard data science. The areas of public health Joanne is most passionate about include social equality, mental health, and epidemiology.
Fun fact: Joanne is very involved in the Christian community at Berkeley, devoting much of her time to Crossroads Christian Fellowship and TAUG—a journal of Christian thought at Cal. In her free time, Joanne enjoys digital design and music.

Outreach | Christina Carr
Cognitive Neuroscience & Computer Science - 2020
She likes that data science makes all the abstract concepts learned in other math and science classes concrete. It takes all the intangible words and definitions and gives them a practical application.
Fun fact: She is obsessed with the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender, to the point that she has seen every episode at least six times and can give the name and episode number of almost any episode based on a single screenshot.